Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's a Small World after all...

My partner received Small World from Santa this year (well done, Santa!) and we have now played it 5 times since then. He won't let us play anything else right now and I guess I can see why. It's fun. A lot of fun. I will say, though, that despite the strategy I find it quite chaotic in the sense that your final score is often determined as much by the actions of others as by you. Still, I see myself giving it many more plays since History of The World has always been a favourite of mine but just takes way too long.


  1. It's a world of slaughter...

    Cory liked it, too. I didn't play, I was on kid duty.


  2. Ok so I'm thinking about getting this one.. but I'm not sure I'll like it... what do you think (from the gaming you and Ihave done together? btw I tried blue moon city, it seemed pretty good, but how is the re-playability in your mind?