Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cleaning out the closet... GAME GIVEAWAY!!!!!

I have been told... er, I mean, "asked" to trim down the game collection a bit.  We live in a small condo and we are starting to run out of shelf space so I'm ditching some games.  I suppose I could sell 'em but I thought, hey, why not just give them away to the readers of this humble little blog here who have stuck around even though I've posted minimally for the last couple months.  So I'm more than happy to send these babies off to a new home where they'll be taken care of.  All I ask is that if you want one of the big games, just send like 10 bucks my way via PayPal or something to cover some of the shipping. 

If you're interested, shoot me an email at with a list of the games you'd want in order of your preference.  I'll draw winners in a week or so.  And if as many people as last time enter, you're likely to get something...

The 9 games up for grabs are:

Top Dogs - A cute, little card game that was WAY too lightweight for our group.  Might be great for a family, though, as it has some decisions and basic multiplication skills are required.

Vikings - Played this a couple times and tried to get into it.  Just seemed like a few too many rules to get through before the game emerged.  Oh well, it's a hit on BGG so you might love it.

Dos Rios - Played once.  Fun but rather long.  Had that take-down-the-leader aspect that makes me despise Settlers of Catan.  It's all yours...

Shadows Over Camelot - Some people SWEAR by this game.  I'll stick with Lord of The Rings and Pandemic.

Once Upon A Time - A game about telling stories where you actually have to tell stories.  Only played it once and it was so long ago, I've forgotten how it went.  But it's not my thing anyways.

Incan Gold - Please take it.  This game brings so many groups of people so much joy and I find it to be just tedious.  But then, I'm kinda fussy.... 

Union Pacific - An old Alan Moon game that isn't half bad despite being a bit too long.  Kinda plays like Ticket To Ride meets Acquire.  I think I'll stick with Ticket To Ride and Acquire.  Note: A card is missing but the game is still totally playable.  I've had to mark some stock cards to indicate this.  Take it or leave it.  The game is OOP so it's impossible to get a replacement card, sadly.

Carolus Magnus - I actually think this Leo Colovini game is quite clever and original.  But the last couple of games have ended in a roll-off much like every game I seem to play of Settlers of Catan.  Happy to pass it on to someone who'll appreciate the extremely clever design.  This is the hardest to part with but we just haven't played it in over a year so why keep it.

Cranium: Super-expensive turbo power edition (or something) - This was a gift.  Trust me.  And it was played twice.  With the person who gave it to me.  'Nuff said.  If you like Cranium, I'm told this is the ultimate version.  And it's even got a loud, flashing lighted timer.  I have Wits and Wagers and Dixit to keep me happy.

(As you can tell, I'd probably give away our copy of Settlers, too, if I didn't think my partner would kill me.  And it is a good memory...  the first of many Euros...)


  1. That's generous of you. I'm surprised you're giving away Vikings. That one has value. I really like it with three players.
    Normally, I'd be interested in taking free stuff. But I'm like you and I'm trimming down.

  2. gimmie!!! Dos Rios!

  3. fingers crossed for Vikings
    i was actually thinking of picking that one up, now i have a chance to win it.
    Thanks Eric!

  4. Can I enter 4 times :D I can't believe you're giving away incan gold it's such an easy crowd pleaser!