Sunday, September 12, 2010

Oh Tichu, how I hate thee....

Two games of Tichu.  

One last night ended with a friend shouting at his girlfriend and me shouting at the friend and calling him a rather immature term for a man's bits and pieces.

A game tonight with more heated arguments between another friend criticizing his partner and me trying to tell him his tone was out of line.

Sigh.  I think we need to shelve this one for awhile and go back to Dominion.  Does anyone else get this angry and passionate about Tichu?  It's actually becoming for us more volatile than a drunken game of Risk....


  1. how does tichu turn into that? Its a trick taking game.....thats like screaming over bridge or eucher

  2. Maybe you should try a tamer, more friendly game. Like Dutch Blitz for example... oh, never mind!

  3. Rami, there is just something about Tichu. It is game of quite deep strategy that can turn in a dime. It is actually quite conducive to nasty 'take that' manouevres due to the bombs. Still, it's delicious when you're team is not on the receiving end...

  4. Eric--I just sent you an e-mail about the game giveaway with this comment in it but thought I'd post it here for everyone else...

    I just recently got into Tichu (I bought the iPhone App and fell in love with the game!) so just this past weekend I tried to teach it to my wife and another couple. Of course, we played guys against girls and the other guy grasped the game right away. Our wives didn’t get it quite as quick, and after 3 straight hands (all 3 being double victories, one of them with a called and made Tichu) the score was 700-0, my wife looked like she was going to literally kill me, his wife pretty mad too…so we had to stop playing. So yeah—I can certainly identify with your post! :)