Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Play: Asteroyds and Hansa...

Games night at the University of Waterloo continued this week despite the Labour Day holiday (gamers don't stop for stupid holidays!)  I tried two games, one new and one old:

Asteroyds - This fun little game comes from the fantastic French game company, Ystari Games.  Imagine the programming of Robo Rally combined with the perilous racing of a game like Mississippi Queen or Speedboats.  Except the obstacles move.  And you have less than a minute to program your spaceship's move.  This is ridiculous, painful fun and it's a hoot to watch your opponents collide with an asteroid on their first move and waste their whole turn.  I can see us playing many games of this at the end of an evening.

Hansa - An older release from the defunct company Uberplay (who I'm realizing imported some damn fine games) was a game I picked up in a trade by mail.  And what a treat.  A thoroughly European little economic game to which I lost horribly.  Hard to describe the play except to say that it is very tactical and each player uses the same piece to move around the board.  Unusual but quite fun.  Looking forward to playing this again. 

On a side note:  The digital camera has crapped out for good, I think, hence the lack of game pictures lately.  I expect to have my hands on a lender fairly soon and then this blog should become quite a bit more colourful again.


  1. wait.. is it like Hansa Teutonica? or is it just a coincidence that it has sort of the same name?

  2. In the sense that it's abstract, yes. But other than that, no, not at all. HT is a fairly heavy game of long-term strategies while Hansa is a fair amount lighter. Lots of tactics but hard to form a really long-term strategy. Both great games. Hansa will get played more, though, cuz it'll be WAY easier to teach.