Monday, March 14, 2011

In the grand scheme of things....'s not that big a deal that my pre-order of Alien Frontiers is taking longer than expected.  I was a little annoyed and wondering where it was this weekend until I read the apologetic response by the company in this thread on BGG.  It looks like their shipment stopped in Yokohama, Japan for a transfer near the end of last week right before the earthquake and devastating tsunami.  Oh.  Right.  Okay, take your time.  I think I'm gonna go donate some money now.  And not just to Japan, maybe to Haiti and New Zealand, too.  And then I'm gonna go home and hug my dog and be thankful that I live in the centre of a very large, stable land mass.  My thoughts go out to everyone affected by these disasters.

Oh, and Opinionated Gamers is doing posts about Japanese games only this week.  Very thoughtful.

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  1. I'm waiting on that pre-order as well. It's strange when the real world enters your hobby, especially the savage side.