Thursday, March 24, 2011

You tell me: vacation gaming...

I'm lucky to be getting away from this awful winter for the upcoming week and I'm even more lucky to have a partner who's willing to play game after game with me whilst chilling in the tropics. I think I struck gold when I found this guy.

What games do you play on your vacations? Would you bother bringing them with you or am I just nuts?


  1. Definitely bringing Hive and Roma, which I have yet to play. Last year the Settlers card game went over well, as did Lost Cities and a few of the other Kosmos 2-players. I'm gonna try and bring Innovation, too.

    I'm wondering if Agricola is a stretch.....

  2. I have a short post coming out tonight about playing Hive at the airport. Hive is a perfect game for two at an air port. doesn't require much room, fairly quick, but a degree of depth to it.

  3. Hive and Battleline served me and my wife well on a hiking trip last year!

    Hive goes anywhere and can be cleaned.

    Battleline can be played on a smallish table in a hotel lobby, etc.

  4. Depends on if you're flying or driving. last weekend we drove to a quick vacation with some friends and I brought about 10 or so games - when flying I normally only pack about 1, and sometimes its a small card game.

  5. Whenever we travel I always bring LOTS of games...and not just small "travel"-style games. What I do is get a tupperware storage container (something with a lid) and then I just take all bits out of the respective games (bagging each individual game together). Then I take the game boards and rule books and put them in my carry-on bag (or I'll lay them across the top of the storage container if there's any room).

    I carry a list of which games I've brought so I can remember at a glance (since all the components to the games are all in one container). It actually works out GREAT...and then we always have a huge selection of games to bring!

    Obviously it's easier to do if we're driving somewhere, but being in Alaska we always fly when we have to travel, so I just make sure the tupperware container is in one of the suitcases we check (the hard plastic sides already protect the game components, and when I pack clothes/etc. around the container itself, it's got plenty of "cushioning").

    The last time we traveled we ended up bringing 20+ games this way! It makes the trip lots more fun when there's a huge selection of games to bring! :)

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