Thursday, March 3, 2011


Enjoyed a few expansions in the last week or so.  Dominion: Prosperity (which really should have been called Dominion: The World Is Friggin' Yours!) has reignited our love for the game after a long Tichu-filled hiatus.  All the reports are true, the Scarface edition is a riot and every person who ever loved Dominion should try this one out.  Worth every platinum coin.

Oh, the poor mid-west.

Also, played TTR: The Monster Expansion yesterday night.  Definitely adds a nasty element to the game although in our 5-player game, the person who won by a lot actually moved the monsters the least.  This might not bode well for the expansion.  We shall see...

Dexter humbly ponders the utter devastation of LA.  Sigh.

Side note:  Biblios, the long-awaited reprint of Dr. Finn's acclaimed Scripts & Scribes, finally arrived in the mail today.  Most of us only heard about how good this indy card game was but never got a chance to play it.  Now, it's time...