Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pics from games night at the Uni...

Another couple Monday nights at the University of Waterloo and a whole bunch of board gaming....

Asara - God, what a great game!  Why don't we play this more...
Worms Up! - A rather silly game that I quite enjoy.  Not so much for the others.
EmDo (Eminent Domain) - The latest deck-building craze which I have yet to play.
Black Friday, Friday, market's gonna crash on Friday, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun....
Lost Cities: The Board Game - This version sucks compared to the addictive Keltis. Fail.
At the Gates of Loyang - Epic harvesting.  Thoughtful, enjoyable, but a commitment.
In The Year of The Dragon - Such sweet pain.
Wizard Extreme - Wizard!  But extreme!  (Minus the wizards yet surprisingly MORE nasty...)
Zertz - Favourite new abstract due to the clever built-in endgame timer.

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