Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pocket train gaming...

I spent the previous weekend playing the new Iphone/Ipod Touch-only Ticket to Ride app.  I actually think it's better than the online implementation despite not being connected to the TTR network.  The AI is stronger and the touch screen controls are super-slick.  It's totally tiding me over till I get the new Asia maps.

If you have an Ipod/Iphone/Ithingy I would also recommend checking out this article at the blog /(p[eu]rls of wisdom)?/ about useful apps for gaming.  I'm about to download the Tichu score app for the long night of gaming ahead....


  1. I've been playing Samurai, Carc, Kingdoms (local play only), Hive (local play only) a lot, and they are all great! Well, Samurai is decent, but still fun and love the multiplayer.

    I recently downloaded Tikal and Ra as well, but I have yet to try them. Tigris is out too, but I'll wait for the price to drop..

  2. Thanks for the link, Eric :) Can I ask you to correct the orthography of the title of my blog? The punctuation is important :)
    it should be:
    /(p[eu]rls of wisdom)?/

    (It's a geek thing)

  3. @jay: Downloading Samurai and Kingdoms as we speak. Thanks.

    @timothy: Done and done.

  4. I've got the TTR app for iPhone...

    Renee and I use pass-and-play while we're waiting for our meals, and she's regularly stealing my phone for solo games.

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