Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Games night...

Two new ones played last night at the University of Waterloo...

Quebec, Ystari Games

The gorgeous colours of Quebec
I finally got a copy of Quebec, designed by Philippe Beaudoin and Pierre Poissant-Marquis, which was first described to me by one of the designers at Origins last year. And it's good. Really good. Really, REALLY good. Smart, fast-moving, dynamic, tricky, original, so many words I could use. Definitely on the heavier side but very fast-paced and the decisions are limited so it trucks along fairly quickly. I can't wait to play this again and if I'd bought it last year, it would definitely be in my top 5 of 2011. Ah well. Great start to the new year....

Leaders and workers

Zones of power...  White is about cascade like crazy!

In the Shadow of the Emperor, Rio Grande Games

Wasn't playing this one but it's on my list of must-try's.  The other table was VERY quiet throughout which goes with what I've heard - a very dry, calculational experience.


  1. Quebec is one game I've had absolutely no interest in getting, but I've been curious how it gets rated. I think the artwork turned me off initially. The bright colours don't work for me. Can you compare Quebec to other games you've played?

    1. Huh, it's a tough one. It's kind of a dense worker-placement, area majority mashup where you need to get your opponents to help you. Someone at our table compared it a bit to Blue Moon City in the cooperative reward aspect. But it's way heavier than that although turns play extremely quickly once people get the hang of things. I thought it was quite a lot of fun and really unique. It doesn't really work like any games out there that I've played which is maybe why I enjoyed it so much.

  2. Thanks. I'm looking into this one.

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