Saturday, January 28, 2012

On The Horizon (next week): German Railways and Welcome to Walnut Grove...

I am currently in Florida for the rest of the weekend, enjoying a family trip with the in-laws. It's quite the lovely albeit busy state and I can see why older wealthy Americans and Canadians come here to spend their last days playing Bridge and turning their skin to leather. Boy, I can't wait to retire - I'll probably end up here with all my board games in tow and enough free time to finally play them....

When we return Monday (sadly) I look forward to playing German Railways, Queen's lovely new production of a very well-received Winsome title, which could be considered the unofficial sequel to Chicago Express. I talked about it a bit last year and it has finally been released in North America. Also looking forward to Welcome to Walnut Grove, described as a lightcross between Carcassonne and Agricola. Um, okay, sold.
It'll be sad to return to work in the frozen north but returning to some new gaming Monday night should ease some of the pain.

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