Saturday, January 7, 2012

A little experiment....

My partner threw an idea at me one day about maybe doing time-lapse photography of board games as they progress.  Seemed kinda cool so I finally figured out our new camera and I-Movie and tried it.  I figured Dominant Species might be kind of appropriate, you know migrating species, approaching tundra, and all that.

Unfortunately, you can only whittle a 3 hour game down so much so here's 5 minutes of cube and tile pushing, put to some nice classical music (I've always thought inter-species violence, and violence in general, makes more of a splash to classical...)

This may only interest two other people - the ones who played the game with me.  Ha.

Next time I think I'll try Tigris and Euphrates.


  1. Personally I thought it was interesting if nothing else. I suppose those as Vincent's better half you're at best going to be in the special needs category for cinematography by comparison ;)