Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Strong National Museum of Play...

Just the day before we began our drive home through upstate New York, I read an article in the latest Games Magazine (yes, I still read it!) about the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, New York. Well, talk about fate! The next day we drove about 20 minutes out of the way and I spent a way too short hour wandering through this magical place. The museum is huge and contains comic book history, a video game museum, the National Toy Hall of Fame, and even a wing donated entirely to Sesame Street. Supposedly they also have the late great Sid Sackson's extensive collection of board games but I didn't see those on display. Still, if you can get here, what a fantastic place for kids and even for adults - us two grown men had a great time!

Double-click to embiggen the pics.




The 60's...

Sesame Street theatre!

The 'Superheroes' wing of the museum.  Seriously.

National Toy Hall of Fame

Scrabble through the ages...


Video game museum

I think I want this game....

Sports games

Obligatory Monopoly shot - one of the original prototypes on a round board.

Yay for Wits & Wagers!


Woohoo, Qwirkle!

Just one of the endless displays full of creepy old dolls

My favourite game

So much fun

Giant diner and streetscape INSIDE the museum.

Yours truly...


  1. oh yeah.. that's right .. I rocked the dark tower!

  2. Hi Eric. Thanks for the great post about the museum. Thought you might be interested in our Play Stuff Blog.

  3. Great blog! Thanks, Allison!

    And kudos to you and the museum. What a spectacular important place. Next time I will spend the entire day there.


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