Monday, August 19, 2013

Hot tip of the day....

Any new Days of Wonder release is a reason to get excited (although I must admit I have yet to play a few of them....)  Up and coming this fall is a new game entitled Relic Runners which looks nothing short of spectacular thanks to the usual DOW gorgeous production and what looks like really interesting gameplay. And there's path-building.  I LOVE path-building.

I recommend you check out the full rules online here, if only to ogle the pretty plastic relics.  But also in the ruleset is one particularly good tip for those of us constantly unboxing and punching out pieces for games:
If this is the first game you play, punch out all the pieces from the game’s punchboards. Rather than discarding the empty frames, insert them under the vacuum tray inside your game box; this will help your tray stay flush with your game’s box top, preventing pieces inside from spilling over when storing your game.
Well, I never thought of that.  


  1. Something to consider for every game. Days of Wonder provides the same hint for Small World.

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