Sunday, November 7, 2010

The word on the street is...

If you're in Chicago near the end of November, you should stop by and check out the Chicago Toy and Game Fair Nov. 20-21st.  This is one more event that I have heard about too late.  But I actually live within a day's drive of Chicago and I've heard the city is beautiful.  So next year, next year...

Out of The Box Games, makers of the great "10 Days In..." series of games, also have a word game Word On The Street which I've heard good things about but have yet to play.  They'll be having a championship for WOTS using an enormous 50 foot version of the game.  Fun.  If you're curious about what that looks like, see below.


  1. I don't get it.. it's in two weeks.. why can't you go?

  2. aaaand that game made a lot of no sense .. lol

    I got to play lords of vegas.. maddening at times but good!

  3. Can't afford it this month. I might have planned ahead had I known as I'd REALLY like to see Chicago. Like I said, next year for sure.

    LOV is fun, eh? I can't believe that I enjoy it this much. The luck is maddening, yes, but almost appropriate for the theme.