Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You tell me: your most played games....

Writing a blog about board games means one should try and play a variety of games, not only to remain knowledgable and up-to-date, but also so one doesn't keep posting about the same damn things all the time.  Unfortunately, our group of friends tend to get hooked on certain games.  There was a good 5-6 months where we ONLY played Dominion and for the last  year or so every evening has ended with a couple hours of Tichu.  This last month I've found that all I've wanted to play was Agricola (which is quickly becoming an all-time favourite, up there with Ticket To Ride and Acquire). 

What game is your group obsessed with?  Which games do you keep going back to night after night?

RELATED:  Dominion: Prosperity is now available and I can't help but want to play it.  More treasure and bigger points could get us back into Dominion....


  1. We don't have too much of a problem with being overly obsessed with any particular game. Even in the height of our Race for the Galaxy phase (when it would see 6-12 plays in a session), it wasn't the only thing we'd play for the night (since game night lasts for 6-7 hours, and most of us play 3-6 games each time).

    And I think that our Game of the Month! program also helps a little because it always makes us give attention to one "new" game a month, rather than getting stuck on something from month to month.

  2. Dominion plus all its expansions keeps us playing it every week at the end of our game night. I didn't play a single game more than twice this year besides Dominion and the ones that got repeated play are: Steel Driver, Sylla, Agricola, Tribune, Rise of Empires and Factory Manager. All of these games would make my favourites list. In the weeks to come, London will probably get two sessions and I'm looking forward to that.

  3. The term "most played" is very apt. I feel that my group have played Arkham Horror the most total number of hours, but the game we've played most often is Dominion, followed by Small World as a close second.

    Since Arkham Horror easily plays for 3 hours, it's incomparable to a game of Dominion which can be done in 25 minutes.

    I can't help but feel that having more sessions gives you more exposure to more strategies. And the longer a game is, the harder it is to play more sessions.

    I guess that's just the way it is: The only way to have more sessions in longer games, is to play them more!

  4. @Scraimer: yeah, I think that'll apply if I ever get a hold of 7 Wonders. I'll imagine we'll pay it a ton.

    @Jacob: Chris loves Tribune, too. I really gotta try it...

  5. Oddly.... I think it might be powergrid. I mean it usually gets pulled out at some point during th day. Not sure if it's because it's plays well with few and many players or if we really like it....

    everything else is kinda off and on... probably in part bc of Mike who has recently been introduced to the wonderful world of gaming and has been voraciously (wanting) playing new games.

  6. With the kids we haven't been stuck in a rut because they're always pulling out something different. But in regards to playing with the guys at work, where we get 1 or 2 lunch breaks a week to play games, it has been Dominion only for quite some time. And it's hard to see that ending any time soon.