Monday, May 2, 2011

Being sick sucks....

So I've spent the last 6 days laid up with a rather wicked cold which is kinda new for me and the reason I haven't been posting.  I don't tend to get sick and when I do it usually only lasts a day or two.  But this one is a stinker.  Oh well, I'm slowly on the recovery.  But unfortunately it also means that in the last 6 days, the only games I played were a couple rounds of Tichu and Black Friday last night.  Not a good week.  But as I stayed home sick on Friday (my first sick day in over a decade, mind you), I spent the day reading up on the recent Gathering of Friends.

Turns out Alan Moon's latest invite-only 10 day game-a-thon happened right nearby in Niagara Falls, New York.  Man, how do I get invited to these things?!?!  Ah well, I think I need to invent a game or ten to get the VIP status necessary.  Still the updates at OG (here and here) have been interesting and they have mentioned a few new games coming out.  Airlines Europe, of course, sounds awesome as does Uluru, a funky little speed puzzle game that I must get my hands on.

Feeling a bit better now so I expect to force everyone around me into some heavy boardgaming action this week.


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