Thursday, May 26, 2011

Learning to be a a bit more thankful...

Like any good hobby, board games definitely have their own culture.  A part of that is due to the crazy obsessiveness of your typical board game afficionados but it also has to do with the way board games as an activity naturally bring people together in such a social way.  Blogging about gaming culture and reading other blogs has the same effect and you start to feel connected to people all over the country and the world.

One board game blog that I quite enjoy reading is Board Game Reviews by Josh, maintained by Josh Edwards from Joplin, Missouri.  That's right, Joplin, Missouri.  I have to admit I was bit stunned as I read his latest blog post which was NOT a board game review this time but a description of his return home early from his vacation to get back to his house, or lack thereof.  You should read his surprisingly positive and even at times funny article about coming back to the destruction after Joplin's massive tornado.  You can also find out how to help. 

Our thoughts are with you, Josh, and I imagine you may soon be getting a lot of help rebuilding that game collection.


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  2. Hey, Eric. Thanks for the support! It's really been amazing to see all the support that I have received both locally in the Joplin area and from the board game community in general. I have been amazed with the blessings of all the wonderful, caring people in my life!