Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Quick thoughts on some of the Spiel des Jahres 2011 nominees...

Only three this year:

Qwirkle - a new favourite of ours and we taught my partner's mom just this weekend.  Fun, super, super simple, and much subtler than you think.  Read how much I love the game here.

Forbidden Island - Oh my god, I've owned this for months and I have yet to play it (I know, GamerChris, I know!)  I am certain I will love this game but the co-op aspect makes it a no-go in my house.  Blame the partner....

Asara - Haven't played this but now I must.  Kramer/Kiesling is not always successful, but they're always interesting.

I actually kinda hope that Qwirkle takes it.  It's such a simple and elegant game/pastime and it's really quite enjoyable for all the members of a family.  That, and Matt Leacock has already won tons of awards for Pandemic.

As for the special (more strategic) prize, I've only played one but I know it deserves it:  7 Wonders. Read why I think so here.

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  1. Yeah, but despite two previous nomimations (for both Pandemic and Roll Through the Ages), Matt Leacock has never actually won the SdJ. I really hope that Forbidden Island pulls it off.