Monday, May 9, 2011

I just don't understand.....

Here's a trailer for 'Under The Boardwalk' the new documentary coming out about Monopoly.  It's actually been getting very good reviews. And you know, despite the title of this here blog, I really do believe to each his own.  If you can actually play Monopoly and play it strategically and enjoy the act of rolling and moving and rolling and moving and rolling and moving, then I say great.  All I ever felt when I played was the uncontrollable urge to flip the table and scream because I'd stupidly agreed to play this neverending game ONE MORE TIME and Lady Luck was yet again crapping directly down my throat. 

Not sure if I'll be able to watch this without scoffing uncontrollably the whole way through....


  1. Hmmm... I'm not really getting the "to each his own vibe" from the "crapping directly down my throat comment". Maybe that's just me, though. ; )

  2. Hahaha! Crapping down my throat! For God's sake, Eric, don't swallow!

  3. OMG that was a riot to watch! My first thought is the people that win the Monopoly tournaments should be paid in Monopoly money (because I'd laugh my head off); second thought is that you should get a Monopoly tattoo like that one guy's --- only you could put a bullet through Mr. M's head or something; and my third thought was, "Really, you remember your first game of Monopoly? I sure as hell don't!" You should totally watch that show, then you could debunk it on here.

  4. @Josh: I did say "All I ever felt..." :P

    @Laura: I actually wanted to watch it before I saw the trailer. Now I'm not so sure I could handle it.

  5. Our new trailer is a little closer to the final film. It's located at on Vimeo or you can go to

    I totally understand that not everyone likes the game and that's totally cool, but I'd be happy to explain why the game isn't a "neverending" game and about the strategies involved, if anyone is interested.

    Kevin Tostado
    Director of "Under the Boardwalk"