Tuesday, June 7, 2011

First (absolutely awesome) play: Galaxy Trucker...

Another evening of games at UW and a decent crowd of 12 or so people.  Many games were played before the group settled into two games for the evening....

The Appetizers:  Some oldies - Bargain Hunter and Mord Im Arosa - as well as the lovely-looking connections game Tsuro.

Tsuro....   So pretty!
Dominion binder with all the expansions....   Very clever.
And filed by expansion.  Excellent.
The Main Courses:  After some short warmups, one group committed to a LONG night and started a game of Battlestar Galactica with a whole wack of newbs.  I, unfortunately, suffer from an awful case of full-time employment and couldn't commit to such epicness. (BTW, when I left three hours later they hadn't jumped once yet....  Ugh.)

Instead, I finally got to play a game of Galaxy Trucker by stellar Czech designer Vlaada Chatvil, which I had been wanting to try for half a year now.  And as I had hoped, the game turned out to be just fantastic!  Strategic, chaotic, hilarious, intense, just an all-around great experience.  This immediately jumped to the top of my list.  If you haven't heard of GT, the idea is that you and the other players simultaneously put a ship together under major time pressure using whatever tiles you find on the table.  Connections have to match and you need to balance engines, weapons, crew, and shields.  Once everyone has built their ship, removing all poorly connected parts, everyone then proceeds to fly their ship through a series of brutal and totally unfair obstacles.  Pieces and whole chunks of ship tend to fall off at this point, much to the amusement of everyone.  There is a scoring system and strategy but who cares.  The game's a riot from start to finish and one I must play again.

Cosmic credits - the victory points of Galaxy Trucker
Our ship in round 1 - small but well-built.
Our ship in round 2 - a few exposed connections but still pretty decent
Round 3 - uh oh.  This one took a real beating....


  1. I hated Galaxy Trucker, the first time I played it because no one told me to not get attached to my ship so I was pretty sulky when it got smashed to bits.. lol but once I learned to accept that it was gonna get smashed it was quite fun.

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  2. Yeah, I think it's the smashy-smashy part that's the most enjoyable. But they really should warned ya...

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