Monday, June 27, 2011

The loot...

So a day in Columbus, Ohio, at the Origins Game Fair and I only returned with 4 new games, all falling under the category of filler (and one of which my artistic partner bought for the creepy artwork).  Why you ask?  Well, because games are DAMN EXPENSIVE at the trade show!  So I spent some money on items that I wouldn't be able to find anywhere else and I saved my money as the rest would be in stores in a month.  And it was really hard passing up Rails of New England.  :S

Reprint of Slapshot, Skulls & Roses, the challenging Climb!, and the delightful Water Lily
Not to say the trip wasn't totally worth it.  It was.  The convention was quite cool and I will definitely attend again when I have a bit more time.  It just wasn't quite the shopping trip I expected.....

I'll mention more and have some pics later this week.

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