Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Off to Origins!

This Friday the wonderfully agreeable partner and I head to Columbus for the Origins 2011 games convention.  I'll only be there for the day but I'm looking forward to checking out all the games and some of the different events (the giant game of Atlantis sounds particularly interesting...)  I tend not to make the most of my time at events like these, wandering around and maybe shopping a bit, but never really stopping for a real game.  I'm gonna force myself to try and get in at least a couple new games this weekend, including hopefully Rails of New England if I get the chance (RofNE, by the way, is looking to be quite an interesting train game due its action and event cards and should be very different than the ones that have come before.)

Expect some pics next week and probably a LONG list of all the games I couldn't resist buying....  

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