Sunday, June 5, 2011

Getting a kick start....

One of the great and yet also annoying things about the growing popularity of board games is the number of entries into the field each year. Whereas in the late 90's there was usually 1 or 2 must-buys a season, now there's at least 20 or 30. And the more people who play games, the more people there are who come up with some great ideas for them (including a few myself which may never see the light of day). And most games don't get noticed by big publishers so the designers often have to go it on their own.

That's where Kickstarter can come in to help. It's a pretty damn cool website where artists, musicians, creative folks, and, yes, board game designers can run funding drives for their projects. And Kickstarter has successfully launched a few great games now, including the wonderfully fun and polished Alien Frontiers, a true testament to the great possibilities of indie game design.

If you read other board game blogs, you may have seen mention of many games on Kickstarter vying for attention.  A game on Kickstarter that I think really deserves a look is Phillip DuBarry's Kingdom of Solomon, what looks to be a pretty interesting worker-placement style game with some network-building and bit of a push-your-luck twist.  Phillip previously got his print-and-play game Revolution! (which I admit I have yet to play) published by Steve Jackson Games which I think is a pretty admirable accomplishment as SJG is not normally known for producing Euro-style strategy games.  Now I openly admit that Phillip is a reader of this blog which is kinda nice but I still wouldn't mention the game if it didn't think it was going to be pretty awesome.  And I could describe it more to you but perhaps I should let the designer talk about it instead:

If this sounds good to you, maybe you should consider stopping by the Kickstarter site to make a pledge. Pledge enough and you'll get a copy sent to you when it's published (plus it'll make ya feel good, too).

Now, back to that little idea for an auction game that's been rolling around in my head foe months now......


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