Monday, August 29, 2011

A game of 'Politics'...

Game designer John Ruf was kind enough to send a review copy of his new card game Politics.  He self-published it on but is looking to produce a much higher quality version by raising money on Kickstarter.

Now, I've just been too damn busy to get the game on the table in the last couple weeks but I plan to give it a try and post some thoughts by the end of the week.  But you should go take a look at his page on the Kickstarter site as he's got 17 more days to raise the money.  Go.  GO!

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  1. I bought Water Lily and I've played it once with four. I like it, it's neat, I'm looking forward to future plays . . . but I do wonder if it's got a high enough replayability to keep it long term. I hope so. Thanks for the tip!