Sunday, August 7, 2011

Short thoughts on 'In The Year of The Dragon'...

If the brutally cutthroat Age of Steam hooked up with Princes of Florence and its very limited actions and then had a really Euro baby that was delivered by the balls-against-the-wall Agricola, you'd probably get something like ITYOTD.  It's painful, viciously strategic, and pared down to its brutal agonizing essence.  I like it.  A LOT. 
In my second game I was nice and didn't starve two other players of rice which would have killed the majority of their people.  For that I lost to both of them.  Lesson learned.

TOTALLY UNRELATED SIDE NOTE:  Stephen Finn of Dr. Finn's Games is trying to get some honest feedback on the design of his upcoming game Merchant of Death.  And he's giving away a bunch of free copies of his great card game Biblios in a contest for anyone who responds.  Check it out here and help out a great indy game developer.

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