Saturday, August 13, 2011

Today in pure awesome...

If you haven't played RoboRally, the now classic game of programmed turns, then this next clip from GenCon 2011 probably won't make any sense to you. However, if you have, bask in the awesome.

(Funny, just last week I was saying I should pull RoboRolly out for a game.  Maybe tonight....)


  1. It even has a machine that reads your cards in order and literally programs the robots.

  2. ya that's pretty cool. Now it just needs some lasers firing!

  3. Oh you have got to be kidding me.. (total internet and computer fail) Have you guys seen the new board gaming site? Graphically it's pretty, and has potential to be cool, but I'm not so excited that users can't add games.. anyway if you want to check it out you need this here beta code... (849356) I have no idea why. And here is an invite for anyone who is interested in checking it out.

    (here's hoping, 3rd time is the charm with trying to leave a damn comment)

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