Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gaming at FanExpo 2011...

So I spent last weekend at Canada's biggest comics, horror, fantasy, film, media, (insert obsession), and gaming convention.  Almost every year my very talented partner sells his beautifully spooky artwork there and I usually stand behind the table all weekend and help him out.

It was nice to see a bigger and much more organized board gaming section this year and what looked like organized game tourneys all weekend.  Steve Jackson Games even had a booth set up in the games room!

The games library provided by Snakes and Lattes
Epic connect four.....   Still totally solved.
The games room.  Packed.

Gifts for the dog-sitter and extended family.  (Laura, don't show the kids!)

Vince and his booth of artwork where I spent most of the weekend

Seems like FanExpo is quickly becoming one of the top Con's in North America.  Hopefully the hobby gaming section will continue to grow as fast as the convention!


  1. OMG --- read my facebook status! The little boogers were playing angry birds with their penguin shaped crackers tonight! LOL - Laura

  2. Just got recommended to read your blog. Awesome by the way. And funny enough you got a picture of me on your blog. Haha. Not that anyone but me would know where to look. Im in the first picture, black t-shirt and old man hat, back of head, playing board game for the Great Canadian Board Game Blitz. I think Im playing Priest of Ra with Christian Monterreso, Chris Castagnetto, & Rob Leveille. It is a small world. I just moved to KW - We will have to play some games.

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