Friday, April 12, 2013

Gathering of Friends 2013

Wow - one more day until I (Daryl Andrews) attend the "Gathering of Friends", an invite-only 9 day board game event hosted by Alan Moon (board game designer of great titles like: Ticket to Ride, San Marco, Elfenland, Union Pacific, and many more). I feel so honoured and excited to attend. Looking forward to meeting lots of great people and playing amazing games.

Many of my favourite designers will be in attendance like: Alan Moon, Vlaada Chvatil, Tom Lehmann, Christian Leonhard, Kevin Nunn, Ted Alspach, Dominic Crapuchettes, Mike Gray, Andrew Parks, Chris Handy, Dale Yu, and many more. And of course I got to mention my fellow Game Artisans of Canada designers who will be attending (also many are my fav designers too): Jay Cormier, Sen Foong Lim, Josh Cappel, Rob Bartel, Catrin Berghoff, Gavan Brown, Martin Ethier, Gord Hamilton, Mike Kollross, Al Leduc, Jasen Robillard, Roberta Taylor, Matt Tolman, Michael Xuereb (hope I'm not missing anyone).

Plus other board game legends like Scott Nicholson (Board Games with Scott), Zev Shlasinger (Z-Man), and Scott Alden (co-founder of BoardGameGeek) will be in attendance. And many publishers will be in attendance including: Stronghold, Asmodee, Repo Productions, Filosofia, FRED/Eagle, Rio Grande, Hans In Gleuck, Abacus, Czech Games, Mattel, North Star, Toy Vault, R&R, Mercury Games, Grey Ghost Press, Eggertspiele, Academy, Valley, 2F, Hasbro, Z-Man, ThinkFun, Ascora, etc.

So any photos of upcoming games I can share (with their permission) I will to post on here. Also, you can follow me on Twitter @darylmandrews (+ Instagram too).  Also, I hope to find a publisher who is as excited about Londonderry as I am (it's the game I co-designed with 
Stephen Sauer). Thanks to everyone who has playtested and helped with the design. You can see our sell sheet below (front and back):

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