Friday, March 13, 2009

Board games make you gay....

This one is about as stupid as calling that Teletubby gay. Only this time it's about the online version of the Game of Life.....

Obviously, Milton Bradley is part of the gay mafia. Lock up your children and hide the dice.


  1. i haven't heard the term "gay mafia" for a while. robin williams used to call the gay mafia "the mauve glove"

    wow, that's amazing that they have issues with same-sex partners in game of life. i've played game of life a couple million times in my life - one of my personal board game standards and the first serious board game that i coded - and honestly i've probably played same sex 90% of the time.

    they should also take issue that the game promotes abuse because it's really easy to have your partner go flying out of the car on corners... or alternately that it promotes poor care of children because once you get more than 4 they all pile up and fall out, etc.

  2. LOL... that was really funny! So this Mom (with nothing better to do), does she also freak out if her son plays a pink piece... cause wouldn't that mean that he obviously is transgendered?

    Bwahaha... I used to always pick the dog in Monopoly, what does that say about my sexual preference...?