Friday, March 20, 2009

Video party games replacing board games?

So I have to admit that our little group of 4 who usually play board games three times a week have found a temporary substitute. I recently purchased Boom Blox for Wii and I don't even own a Wii... I know. What's wrong with me?

Boom Blox has a game like Jenga (pulling out blocks without knocking over towers) and reverse Jenga (throwing softballs or bowling balls at towers to knock over high scoring blocks.) Fact is, it's a stupidly ridiculous amount of fun and with 4 players it's as interactive as any board game I own. I showed it to a friend on Friday and he purchased it on Saturday.

My question is: will Wii party games replace board games as a social event? Games like Rock Band already dominate at parties now and others like Mario Party and Wii Sports are a load of fun, trust me. I think (and hope) the answer is no. There's just something about rollin' dice and playing cards that can't be replaced by a video game, no matter how good. Thoughts?

Oh, and tonight, the other half wants to play Boom Blox and I wanna play the board game Stone Age. Be interesting to see which one wins out....

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  1. Games are so varied and fit so many situations that for board games to cease to be relevant, those situations would have to vanish. Also, some groups of friends can handle some games better than others.