Monday, March 2, 2009

Board games on the web...

I know it seems like it would defeat the purpose but you can actually play many great board games online as we speak. Although it can remove the best part of cards and games - the live interaction - it still provides a nice diversion at work or a substitute for all my games that are back in BC. Sigh.
Here's a few different places I have found, with many, many great games....

Below is a screenshot of Mykerinos, a new classic that I own and can't get enough of. It is playable on and all the games are by email, which is quite nice. You just take your turn when the email arrives.

At, you can play many of that company's games in real-time online. This is a shot of the Ticket To Ride online version. I think it loses a lot of the excitement on the computer but still, if you need your fix...

One of the great games I own that is somewhere on the other side of the country is Tikal. The email game below that I had at two weeks ago made me miss it a little more.

Another great site with TONS of email games is Currently playing Oregon which is convincing me that it's not worth the purchase.

Last one I'll mention has tons of games live and ready to play with people around the world. Just bombed my first game of Kingsburg... sigh. Looks like a great game, though, definitely worth picking up. And the JAVA graphics on this site are REALLY good!

For other places to find good weekday diversions, check out my 'Board games online' section.