Saturday, August 7, 2010

Course material...

Quite often one finds deliciously nasty comments in movie and music reviews.  Not so much in game reviews.  Well, here is what the wonderful Dutch board game site GamePack said in imperfect English about Glen More last month:
'Glen More' lacks a heart, it lacks emotion. It goes like scoring a point here and scoring a point there, but it lacks the great gesture. The game might be suitable as course materials for autists, but to us, it just made us depressive...
Oh snap.

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  1. I am quite astonished to find so little good and critical reviews. It's always the 'thank you for the review copy' story where there is always a positive mark for the components, or the imaginary family that will enjoy the game. I just hate that! Sure, I am dependent on review copies from the publishers, but that does not mean I have to lick their feet! Readers/players want solid information AND a verdict, not a 'it will certainly have its target group somewhere review'. That is how I see it, in imperfect English or just plain Dutch.