Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm not the only one...

Last week I had a conversation with a gaming buddy who reads this blog.  He told me from my posts it is quite evident what games I prefer (European over American) and that I sometimes make my disdain for chaotic luck-fests quite evident, which could possibly alienate some of my readership.  For this, I'm sorry.  I present only my opinions and I don't claim any of them to be right.  And whilst I would rather eat glass than play another game of Settlers, I do respect what it has done for the gaming hobby.

Kevin at Seize Your Turn actually posted a nice quote last week, one which I can't help but agree with.  As for the buddy who likes the American games, I keep asking you to throw some content on here.  You are still welcome...   ;)


  1. I don't know about this. I mean, isn't having a blog (and a "readership", for that matter) about sharing your opinion? Why would you need to apologize for your opinion?

    If people don't agree with what you think, they can choose not read your blog. Or, for the more enlightened and open-minded, they can engage in respectful dialogue where they share their opposing opinion.

    As long as you're not speaking disrespectfully about the people who design or play more American-style games (which I don't think I've ever seen you do), then you have no reason to be sorry.

  2. I'm with Chris on this one... the name of your blog is "Death of Monopoly"... doesn't that make it clear what your opinion is? Maybe your friend should go read Drake's Flames! HAHA!

    Thanks for the link. I've softened my stance, but that is because my blogs goal and my personal mission is to break the stereotype of games so that anyone anywhere can find games right for them... that is different than your blog where you discuss games YOU like.

    Keep up the good work! Don't worry about it.

  3. AH, I'm not too worried. I'm just hoping this person with different tastes may add a contribution or two. Always good to hear every side...

  4. But I would still rather eat glass than play Settlers again!

  5. I agree it's cool to hear the other side, but you still have nothing to apologize for. Nor should they feel bad for having or voicing their opinion. Different strokes for different folks, I'm not a fan of ameritrash in general but I don't mind them sometimes (as long as it's not just pure silly luck).

    Dice frustrate me and they pop up all across the board, monopoly seems like an incredibly slow race to the death of boredom to me but others love it.

    Gaming is like blogging, I write what I like to write, and I read what is interesting. Gaming I play the ones I like and bow out of the ones I don't. I'm a big old game geek but I really dislike co-operative games, not sure why but they irritate me. So now if they others want to play ghost stories I find something else to do easy peasy :D

  6. My tastes may be a bit more ecclectic (due a lot to my big RPG background and love of geeky themes), but the more I play games, the less I'm able to be tolerant of sloppy and inefficient designs.

    I'm generally cool with dice and general randomness, but you've got to be able to predict, mitigate, or otherwise somehow account for its effect in a real and meaningful way, or it can ruin a game.