Sunday, August 29, 2010

First play: Parade

Managed to finally get a hold of this little card game which I heard some pretty good things about.  The game itself took very little time to explain (despite the horrendously overcomplicated rules page - thanks, Z-man!) and we got right into it.  It's pretty darn simple.  Each turn one plays a numbered card to the end of the "parade" which may cause them to take  cards already in the parade.  The number on the card played determines exactly what subset of cards in the parade one might have to take and, in an Uno-like way, which of those must be taken.  Any cards taken score their face-value against you at the end of the game.  Low score wins.

Sounds pretty simple and this would be a tedious game of luck if not for the scoring rules.  Having a majority in any colour at the end of the game let's you flip those cards so they only count one against you.  So now suddenly you WANT to take certain cards and things get a bit more complicated.  The decisions aren't heavy but they're definitely quite interesting.  All 6 of us liked the first game and definitely want to try it again.  Cool little filler, methinks...


  1. Let me be the first to comment - Haha, kiss my butt Magda, I win! ;) Bring it up at Christmas, it sounds really cool.