Sunday, August 15, 2010

Out-of-print find and a new place to blow a pay cheque...

This weekend I was in Toronto for a conference (no, not a gaming conference, that's in two weeks) and I was wandering through the monstrously large underground mall below the downtown businesses on Bay Street.  This enormous path of stores connects the Eaton Centre all the way through to Union Station.  Well, let me tell you, nothing makes me happier in life than stumbling upon a new toy store - ESPECIALLY one with a table of German games on sale outside the door!  The great little store I found is called GameTrek and you can check them out here.  I've scoured BGG for stores in downtown Toronto and they never came up.

Upon scouring their shelves, I found a battered, open-but-unpunched copy of the out-of-print tile game Toscana.  Jackpot!  They even gave me 50% off as the box had been through the wringer.  Great service.  Definitely a store worth checking out if you're in town and they seem to be located directly underneath the Fairmont Royal York, if you happen to be in TO.

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