Friday, August 27, 2010

Gaming at the spa...

Okay, so I have to admit...  I had my first pedicure last weekend.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  In fact, I could care less about what people thought of a me, a guy, getting a pedi.  I was more anxious about having someone putting there hands on my hairy, overused feet.  But it was a surprise gift and I was put on-the-spot so I really had no choice but to say, "Okay..."

And as my female companion and I relaxed and got our toenails buffed, the girls beside us were discussing a card game with their esthetician.  I, of course, had to listen as they chatted about, "how great this Dominion game was."  I HAD to join in the coversation.

So there we were 2 girls, a guy, and an esthetician talking about modern board games as we got our nails done.  Nice. 

And now that I think about it, my feet'll sure look nice the next time we play Twister...


  1. love pedi's my very straight guy friend and I go get them all the time.. so you really have nothing to feel bad about. Although oddly enough we usually gab like girls.. but we play board games on the regular.. so that mans it up a little right? Well at least geeks it anyway.

  2. Umm... a pedicure, Eric? I just peed my pants a little. ;)