Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First Play: Buy Low, Sell High...

..er, oops, I mean Black Friday.  And yes, that is what you need to do in this subtle, brilliant stock market speculation game.  Like Friese's other big hit Power Grid, his design here is elegant, pared-down to the bare essentials, subtle, and surprisingly realistic.  And boy am I bad at it.  Buying tons of stock and then watching the market crash before you can sell any of it is quite a devastating feeling.  And yet I'm hooked and want to do it again.  This is pretty impressive considering that at times we needed to use calculators to determine the cost of our purchases and I had to download two different sheets of errata and rules clarifications before I understood how to play.

At least now I know that I should never invest.....


  1. A few different sites have praised Black Friday so I've taken notice. I've wanted a quick stock market simulation, but after Owner's Choice made me roar in disgust, I gave up hope I'd find one. Now this game comes along. I refuse to shell out until I know it's exactly what I want. By chance, have you played Owner's Choice?

  2. Just read the rules for Owner's Choice and the market fluctuations look pretty random. Almost as bad as Stock Ticker...

    Black Friday is not like that. One can speculate how the market will behave according to the stocks they own and what is available in the market and tables. I've only played this once and I lost horribly but I think you could play it quite well. It's also purely buying and selling, NOTHING ELSE. No company decisions or anything like that. I think it may be a new classic, but I'll need another couple plays to be certain.

    Have you tried Acquire yet? That's another classic stock market game that is sheer brilliance. Simple but very tough choices and a game I will never turn down.