Monday, February 14, 2011

You tell me: blogs and websites...

You obviously take a look at this blog for info and rants.  What are your websites, blogs, online dabblings, board-game related or otherwise?  Add 'em to the comments and grab some readers!  If it's game-related, maybe it'll even end up in my blog-roll....


  1. I like Hiew a lot -->
    I also like Chris -->
    And of course Bankler -->

    My blog is and I hope people like reading that as well...


  2. Personally Death of Monopoly, Wikipedia, and CPAN's Games::Literati lately. You're a unique niche filler for our young family although it was many months before we clued in that we want family board games as part of our life routine.

    Happy v-day to your sweet young family; hope Cain is appropriately indulged :)

  3. I occasionally browse BGG, I always read this and I have my own blog although I rarely talk about games on there. I talk mostly about things I observe, life in Taiwan and travels :)

  4. I am also a fan of Metroburb, Hiew, and GamerChris. Some other recent faves of mine are and

    My own blog is I'm trying to post more frequently, but work life and home life have a way of intervening ;)

  5. My blog is still in its infancy, but I plan on building it into something based on simplifying modern life. This includes boardgames, DIY, and frugal living projects. So far its just has a few intro posts, but I would welcome any visitors to pop in and leave a note

  6. gamercrhis, as well. Of course, BGG is now trying to take over the blog world, as well . . .

  7. Wow... I'm really flattered by all the mentions, everybody!

    You've hit most of the ones that I am most excited about these days (especially Dice Hate Me, Cube Pusher, and Opinionated Gamers as of late), but a couple of other ones that I'd recommend include:

    Board Game Reviews by Josh - lots of relatively brief reviews that are well-organized and easy to read

    Boards and Bees - nice reviews, and "buzz" articles (hence the name)

    Go Forth and Game - a local friend's blog about gaming, featuring an interview series from all sorts of RPG, boardgame, and podcasting/blogging luminaries.

  8. Thanks for the mention Chris.
    I regularly read:
    Dice Hate Me
    Opinionated Gamers
    Seize Your Turn
    Purple Pawn
    Daniel Solis
    Robin D. Laws
    aka pastor guy
    Some Space To Think
    and quite a few more.