Monday, February 7, 2011

Guest post: Impressions of Witch's Brew...

"So I picked up Witch's Brew. I played it last December and was hooked right away.

It is short, at about half an hour a game, but the game still manages to offer a number of interesting choices along with the fun of saying such things as "NO! I'm the Witch" as a part of the actual game. It is also a very teachable game, with rules taking less than 15min. Oh, and best of all, it is fun even when you're not saying "I'm the Witch." And it seems to allow for people to play well without a deep understanding, making it a quick sell to new players, while at the same time offering enough depth for experienced players to make informed, interesting decisions that may not win them the game, but will leave them in good standing, making for high re-playability.

The bits are okay, though I wish they used wooden pieces for the gold and viles. Also, some of the important notation is subtler than it ought to be, and missing in one instance all together.

But overall, I would recommend this game to anyone who plays board games. The mechanics are simple and fun, while still offering some depth. The games are short, allowing you to play several games in a row or use it as a nice filler before playing a big sloggy game like Imperial. Personally, the problem with the bits and notation are easily over looked, and don't impact how good this game is." 

-Andrew Brown (Andrew organizes the weekly board game nights at the University of Waterloo, where he is an avid Go player currently working towards a PhD. in Mathematics.  He is also quite good at explaining the rules to complicated games in a simple way....  I think it's a math thing.)


  1. Yeah, I agree. This game's a hoot. And totally different than any card game I've played.

    You sure do love Imperial, don't you?

  2. Of course. Imperial is quite amazing.

  3. That's some committment. Fifteen minutes of rules for a thirty minute game... sorry, I don't have the attention span fo --- oh, look it's snowing!