Saturday, February 19, 2011

On The Horizon: Brains...

My partner was lucky enough to receive an Ipad for Christmas from our dog this past December (I know, nice dog, eh!) and I have played a few games on it recently.  One cute, little obsession-forming game which I particularly enjoy is Plants Vs. Zombies.  Zombies are attacking your neighbourhood and you need to plant crazy plants to help defend your home from attack.  It's all very silly but extremely addictive, much like many of the games from PopCap Games (I'm looking at you, Peggle...)

While, joy of joys, looks like PvZ is gonna be a board game now from the company who makes the SceneIt games.  Whether it'll be fun or not is another question but I, for one, am excited to be able to knock off my opponent's pogo stick zombie with my cactus.