Thursday, February 10, 2011

On the horizon: way too much....

Lots coming this year (I'm already envisioning my bank account draining...):

Cargo Noir - See my excitement here and the rules for the new Days of Wonder game here.

Airlines Europe - Alan Moon's new remake of his old Airlines/Union Pacific system sounds like it'll fix a few of the issues I had with UP while keeping the clever gameplay.  First, the useless track cards will be removed (they seemed extraneous to me) and the gameplay will be much shorter.  This is also more of a board version of my current love Gloria Picktoria.  And it's an Alan Moon game.  Seriously. A must-buy.

7 Wonders: Leaders - An expansion for the best game of last year?  Yes, please!  Photo here.

Dixit:  The Odyssey - A new Dixit game?  We love Dixit, especially for the lovely artwork, and will try anything related to it.

Spectral Rails - A ghost-themed train game from Z-Man games where your train delivers souls to the underworld while leaving a trail of ether for other players to ride.  The strange details for this one are in the latest Z-Man newsletter.

These are just some of the titles that I'm looking forward to soon.  On a side note, Boardgame News has merged with BoardGameGeek and all of the BGN posts are showing up on the home page of BGG now.  So glad the other Eric is back...

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