Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Long weekend gaming pics...

Some great games played Sunday and Monday.  I finally played Black Friday with the correct rules and can confirm that it is a brilliant game, elegant and tense.  I learned what it's like too have way too much money in Dominion - gotta love it.  And I found out that Wallace's London may be one of his best games yet and has something that a lot of his games often lack - fun!  And I took two more off my February list of games I need to play...  Doing good.

Black Friday makes for a very good Sunday
A devastating loss in Pandemic...
Serengeti - tricky little card game
Space Alert took some getting used to.  And my partner thought we were the biggest nerds ever while the CD played.

Ah, more money and colonies......
Building casinos in Vegas Showdown
London....   MUST play this again.  Quite good.
Empire Builder.  Classic.  They were on hour 4 when I left.  Mathematicians....
Hansa Teutonica.  Need to play this more.


  1. Dang - wat a great game-playing weekend! I've barely done that much gaming all month long...

  2. Yeah, it was fun. I'm glad as the next couple weekends are super-booked with non-gaming activities.

    London was definitely the highlight for me. Fantastic game.

  3. LONG WEEKEND!?!?!?! Another good reason to leave this god-forsaken part of the country... well, "Happy Family Day" to you, Mr. Martin (she says with utter contempt and envy...)

  4. Wow that looks like a whole bunch of fun. I'm glad to hear more about Black Friday. Initial posts canned it. It seems as people are giving it more plays it is better. Maybe the problem is the rule/rule book not being well layed out. I'm hoping to see London at game night in the near future. I want to give it a go. Hansa Teutonica surprised me. I did not expect to like it but I do very much. Pandemic - gold. Vegas Showdown is always fun.
    Thanks for the report Eric.

    And Chris - maybe we can work out a weekend or extended Gameathonapocaloozafestacon this summer?

  5. ooh we have a long weekend here !! And guess what arrived just in time for it! Hooray.. thanks!